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Monika Reimann

Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.)

*1960 in Lippstadt, NRW




sunset (17.- 26.4.2023)
New York, Manhattan

SURFACES IN MOTION (3.- 5.3.2023)
ARTe Osnabrück


nice trash

Palma 1.0 in Palma de Mallorca

Venezia 1.0 during the Biennale d'Arte in Venice

Haus Marck, Tecklenburg


21 - Die Rückschau
KunstVerein Ahlen e.V.

ART meets FINANCE · Kunst kann mehr
Haus Marck, Tecklenburg

GRENZENLOS · Faszination Unschärfe
KunstVerein Ahlen e.V.

SwissArtExpo, Zürich
Participation with the work group "Unterwegs"


kunst-raum Recklinghausen

Hidden spaces
can see - wan to see
Haus Assen

Participation: Follow Up
Friends of Photography Hamburg


Von Fraunberg art gallery (GA)

Exhibition at the law firm Taylor Wessing
in Düsseldorf
Curated by von Fraunberg art gallery

ART in the Hallways
Münster Palace (GA)

Gallery Gublia, Essen (GA)

Bachelor degree show
HBK University of Fine Arts Essen


Lost in ART
Kunst.Raum Recklinghausen (GA)


Meiderich EINS
Kulturwerkstatt Meiderich
Duisburg (EA



2015 to 2019

Studies at
> HBK University of Fine Arts, Essen

under Professors. Thomas Wrede, Carsten Gliese and Anja Kempe

under Prof. Yevgeniya Safranova

under Prof. Nicola Stäglich

Arts and Humanities
under Professors Dr Sabine Bartelsheim, Dr Raimund Stecker


Planning and execution of a Baltic photo journey in search of originality, endless forests, as well as continuation of my moonlight pictures.


Planning and realization of a photo trip through the Rocky Mountains, Canada away from the touristic national parks. The goal of this trip was the artistic capture of the endless forests and the pure moonlight.


Photo trip Australia
By train through the Nullarbor Plain, endless expanses, ghost towns, surreal moods, photographically captured and documented in extensively illustrated publication.
Photo stay in the museum MONA, founded by the Australian David Walsh, to whom I could present my impressions of his extraordinary museum and winery in Hobart as an artistic gift.


Photographic accompaniment of the tour of a classic car club through the French Alps with subsequent picture presentation and creation of a picture book.

Photographic hiking tour La Gomera.
Documentation of a rucksack hike from San Sebastián to Valle del Rey with rustic, typical accommodations, followed by the creation and presentation of an illustrated book.


Planning and realization of a Malaysia photo trip
Photographic capture of the country's stark contrasts:
Malaysia nature, nostalgic Malaysia, high-tech, modern Malaysia.

2012 - 2014

Guest student on various photographic themes, as well as on contemporary painting to expand the sensitivity of my perception of motifs.


Planning and realization photo trip Chile
On the way on the Panamericana to confront the desert, the endless expanses, the clear mountain air and the sunlight, which you cannot find anywhere else
Creation of a large illustrated book Chile and presentation to interested parties


Participation in international anniversary classic car meeting in Turin
Photographic documentation of the meeting with subsequent picture presentation in different groups and creation of a large illustrated publication.


Planning and realization of a photo trip to Cuba
Photographic recording of the stark contrasts between Cuba's nature and the bouncing life with music, dance and mojito

Study trip to Paris with several days' stay in the Louvre
Numerous sketches and photographs of antique works of art were created for study purposes.


First intercontinental, large-scale photo safari to Argentina. By car across the country across several time zones to follow the light and capture the wonderful impressions of this unique country with the camera.
For the photo trip to Argentina, a photo book with travel reports was produced, which documents the wonderful impressions of the photographic expedition on size DIN-A-3, as well as a series of wall pictures. Several presentations followed in front of an interested audience.

until 2008

Admission and membership in various photo associations in the Federal Republic of Germany, as well as regular invitations to present my work and introduce my series of works
Various portrait workshops and portrait photography, including in the field of generational photography with portfolio composition.

Between 2005 and 2008

Various smaller photo journeys through Europe to strengthen my photographic eye on the subject of vastness, endless forests, the midnight sun and the colours of the north

Planning and realization of a longer trip to Greece with the aim to travel all over Greece and its historical sites and to create different picture impressions.
Subsequent compilation and production of an emotionally intense, illustrated book, which was presented to interested groups in various individual and small presentations from the end of 2008 to 2009.
Additional selection of all image collections on the subject of Greek mythology. For this purpose, I have made several sketches based on my photographs, which, in combination with the photographs, reflect a unique travel adventure.

until 2005

Workshops at Canon in Bad Kissingen and elsewhere with the aim of professionalizing the digital camera and its technology

Individual workshops and group workshops with Prof. Harald Mante, Dortmund, among others

several workshops on different topics in motif photography with photographer Jürgen Denter.

Several workshops, which influenced my later artistic photography, with photo designer Paul Leclaire in Cologne with the creation of my first portfolio works.


Planning and execution North Cape trip with individual vehicle on the topic "When the sun shines at night". For this purpose, an illustrated publication was developed and produced, which additionally contains extensive travel reports. For this purpose a travelling exhibition was created and presented in smaller groups of experts with seminar character, primarily in Bielefeld and its surroundings.

since 2003

Travel photography with numerous very intensive pictures
Through several photographic studies and individual seminars with outstanding photographers in North Rhine-Westphalia, I broke away more and more from memory photography while travelling and focused on the seemingly inconspicuous for my future work.

The first professional illustrated book is published - Bicycles and Impressions Amsterdam


Acquisition of the first digital camera and equipment

until 1985

Photographic recording of natural motifs for later reproduction
Designs of textile templates for the production of high-quality fabrics according to my patterns


Commissions from the textile industry in my region for the creation of templates for the later production of applications on high-quality fabrics

until 1978

Production and sale of numerous small paintings with different painting techniques on different materials


First smaller professional orders by retailers in my region for modelling and colouring of figures


First contact with technical photo equipment