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Artist Statement

Light and movement, 
everything is light and movement. 

Everything is constant change, 
sometimes slowly, almost unnoticed, 
then again frantically fast.

During the exposure time of a shot, either I am moving, or my surroundings are moving. The speed of the movement changes. The direction of the movement changes. Everything is constantly in flux. I observe the change, the eternal change and collect moments with my camera. Again and again there is one that is special, that is extraordinary, that seems to me as if someone had staged it just for me, yet it is random like all the others.

Scientific studies show that we are surrounded by about 40 million coincidences every day, which is more than 400 coincidences per second. Photography is the art of omission. I simply leave out all the coincidences that I don't want in my pictures.

                             - MONIKA REIMANN