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Borders, opposites and limitations
of nature, architecture and thoughts
are the basis of my work.
I search for them, observe them and capture them with my camera. I switch off the automatic, in the camera and in my head. I make visible invisible to bring them into a state of suspension or dissolve them.

I am interested in the new that arises from the fact that I move, or that my surroundings move.
I am interested in the new dimensions of observation that arise from the dissolution of fixed structures.
I am interested in imaginative people who are willing to engage with the unknown.


Surfaces in Motion

A water surface,
the border between water an air,
the meeting of two invisible elements,
is like a mirror of reality
until the surface starts to move.

The solid structures dissolve.

Next exhibitions:
25.08.-29.08.2021 SWISS ART EXPRO in Zürich
17.09.-16.10.2021 Kunstverein Ahlen 
2022 Vaals, Niederlande